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DO MORE WITH LESS (25% thinner fabric)

Airbag fabric. Reimagined.

This innovative new fabric eliminates traditional coating while opening a new world of possibilities in automotive design and engineering. Open Road gives automakers and their suppliers more options for vehicle interior design, streamlines the airbag production process and reduces environmental impact — with the added potential for cost savings.


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Lose the coating. Gain an improved fabric.

Our proprietary process allows for eliminating the coating — resulting in an exceptional airbag fabric. We save materials. We save steps in the production process. And, because there is no coating to apply, we reduce waste. With all those savings, you gain an airbag fabric with the superior attributes you want, and the dependable performance and long-term stability you expect.

Reduce weight. Maximize design space.

Pack light. Open Road will take you where you want to go. Because it’s up to 25% thinner than competitive materials, Open Road gives automotive manufacturers and designers new freedom to add new features and functionality in the cabins of the vehicles of tomorrow. And expanded opportunities for increasing cabin comfort and convenience.

Lessen the environmental impact. Enhance your brand.

The advanced technology perfected by INVISTA eliminates the need for coating and delivers a fabric that not only ensures dependable performance over the life of the fabric — and the vehicle — it reduces CO2 emissions and water use, with scrap and trim that's 100% recyclable. That means a potential reduction in primary energy demand (PED) and global warming potential (GWP).

Simplify your production processes. Gain efficiencies.

With the elimination of the fabric coating and associated production steps like heat setting and scouring, much of the complexity and waste in the airbag manufacturing process has been reduced. Letting you focus resources on other essential elements.

A true partner And global supplier.

As the number-one airbag fiber supplier in the world, INVISTA stands ready to serve as your trusted partner. Count on us for our worldwide expertise and experience in fiber and fabric technology. Leverage our research and development and innovation centers that offer the capabilities to produce, test and validate fabric innovations.

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